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MIR Caravane 89

« We actors from all Countries of Europe, of all languages who practice all theatre forms, decide to mobilise our resources, our experiences and our workforces to realise in 1989, a trans-European tour: MIR Caravan »

It was on this assertion that MIR Caravan 1989 was achieved, one of the most extraordinary travelling theatrical events ever realised in Europe.
MIR Caravane 89 means the caravan of the peace in Russian.
Together with nearly 200 artistes and technicians, a hundred vehicles and caravans, five theatre tents, 8 permanent groups, (four from the ‘west’ four from the ‘east’) take a travelling theatre festival on the road, starting from Moscow (the park of the Red Army) at the beginning of May 1989 and travelling though Leningrad, Warsaw, Prague, West Berlin, Copenhagen, Basel, Lausanne, Blois and finishing the tour 5 months later with two performances of “The Odyssey” in the jardin de tuileries in Paris as part of the bi-centennial celebrations of the French Republic. We thought at the time of the tour that symbolically the ‘Berlin wall’ was the last European ‘Bastille’. At this time the Berlin wall separated not only a Country but Europe and indeed the whole World.

Over 400 performances, with at its epicentre a collective creation “The Odyssey” a collective creation involving more than 150 actors, who created the show from Moscow to Berlin, a gigantesque street performance magnificent in its diversity of presentation of Ulysses’ epic voyage. MIR Caravan was ahead of its time, in step with history; it was the first International independent, truly European cultural movement of actors, all this was achieved in spite of the geopolitical context of the ‘coldwar’, it’s hard to imagine that six weeks after the tour ended that the Berlin Wall would fall and now twenty years later we would be looking at a European Union expanded from 12 to 27 Countries.

««When MIR Caravane stopped in Prague at the beginning of July 1989 it was like a rehearsal for the “Velvet Revolution".» Vaclav Havel.

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